Empowering Railroad Customers One API at a Time

Union Pacific's programmers are gearing up to launch a new developer portal that will significantly enhance customer experience and be the first of its kind in the railroad industry. Read more


New High-Tech Equipment Speeds Used Railroad Tie Cleanup Process

Railroad ties are literally the foundation on which railroads are built. Union Pacific annually replaces between 3 million and 4 million railroad ties. Now a new system is doubling the number of railroad ties that can be disposed of per day, to nearly 5,000. Read more


Union Pacific Brings 21st Century Technologies to Life with Positive Train Control Implementation

When the first train traveled across the last segment of Union Pacific track to be transitioned to Positive Train Control (PTC) earlier this month, it represented millions of hours of work from more than a thousand employees across 17,000 route miles of track, all in an effort to enhance safety. Read more

Jobs at Union Pacific

Union Pacific is accepting applications for positions in several locations throughout its 23 state territory.

See all job openings

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2018 Building America Report

This report details our progress in key areas supporting social, economic and environmental sustainability pillars: operating safely, strengthening communities, engaging employees and protecting the environment. We also summarize our 2018 financial performance. Read more.

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